What is Alidropship

What is Dropshipping?

Agent, distributor, or retailer who carries little or no inventory but earns commission on orders passed on to the manufacturer or original supplier. The ordered goods are ‘drop shipped’ (see drop shipment) directly from the source to the customer.

Most of the network marketing firms and internet based merchants of books, drugs, supplements, toys, etc., are drop shippers.

What is Alidropship?

A unique tool for AliExpress dropshipping has been launched by aliexpress.

Dropshippers worldwide can finally benefit from the long-awaited AliExpress dropshipping business opportunities thanks to a new WordPress plugin developed by AliDropship Company. This brand new tool allows entrepreneurs to create AliExpress dropship webstores and import hundreds of the retailer’s products in just minutes

Alidropship Plugin Integration:

What is Alidropship plugin? What is the need of it?

In our website ex: abc.com, we are doing dropshipping means we are selling products of aliexpress.comTo import aliexpress products to our website, we need alidropship plugin which is a paid plugin.

Once you purchase this plugin they’ll send you plugin files and a tracking/purchase code.

How to integrate this plugin?

After Purchasing plugin they will send you a link to download the plugin files! Follow the steps below

  • Click on download alidropshipwoo , it will be downloaded
  • Now go to your wordpressdashboard  > click on Plugins-> add new-> upload
  • And upload the plugin (which is a zip file compressd)  install
  • Once its installed click on activate.
  • Now in our wordpressdashoboard in left bar you will see  a name alidropship woo, now click on alidropship woo
  • Alidropshipwoo License  Add the license key sent by plugin people
  • Then activate the licencse.
  • Now integration of alidropship is done.

How to import Aliexpress products?

First of all we need to add alidropship chrome extension to our chrome browser

  • Open chrome browser, click on right side top 3 dots more tools   extensions, and search for alidropship extension
  • Install it.
  • Now it will show in chrome bar as an icon, click on it

How to import Aliexpress products

  • Add your website link below inside the box and click on add button
  • Once it is added  click on login  and connect your website (besides open a website wp-admin dashboard so that it should connect automatically. )
  • Now chrome alidropship  integration is done.

Now Import the Products.

  • Login to your website ex: xyz.com/wp-admin
  • Open a new tab on any internet browser and open aliexpress.com
  • Select a product in aliexpress top bar you will find all product categories
  • You can select the product category you want to import and click on import.


Alidropship products import

  • Once you click on import, within few seconds the products will be imported to your website.

Order placing

Once customer places an order in our website, we have to go to our website dashboard

  • Woocommerce orders click on any orders  right side you will find place an orders automatically as seen below screen shot.
  • Before placing order automatically – open a new tab on the internet browser with aliexpress.com and login to that particular account.

Alidrop Order placing

  • Now order will be placed automatically in aliexpress and we need to do the payment only.
  • Now we have to sync our orders with aliexpress orders
  • Open website dashboard,  go to Alidropship woo Tracking  sync
  • Check below image either you can sync all product or single product.

aliexpress orders placing in wordpress

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