Website Content Writing Workflow

Headings and Subheadings Draft

  • All the Headings should be Unique, Ultra specific; Urgent, Useful and it should match the contents
  • Headings should have Number, Adjective, Keywords, Rationale and a Promise
  • Headlines – 6 words, 65 characters
  • Use Adjectives – shocking, effortless, painstaking, unique, fun, incredible, absolutely, strange, essential, comprehensive etc.
  • All the titles should be actionable. All content should be written in such a way that it intrigues the reader to read the rest of the paragraph, section or page

Content Collating and Structuring

Make sure the content is grounded on verified facts and have a bibliography internally for your reference. Structure the content to have a “decent train of logical thought” from the introduction to the final conclusion.

General Instructions to be Observed While Writing the Content

  • Each paragraph starts with sub-head and all paragraphs must have not more than three lines.
  • Sentences must not be long. Restrict it to 14 words max for each sentence.
  • The total length of the articles to be 2300 words – start with what you have and build up over time Manage whitespace to increase readability

Writing Style

  • Make sure the content is written in Active voice speech Conversationalize your content, “Youify” the content.
  • Make the reader feel better by using their language.
  • Pull the reader into the discussion.
  • Always have the you and I talk and ask the right questions

Guideline on Writing Paragraphs

  • Opening paragraphs must convey the summary of what the document is all about or things like the benefits the reader is going to get.
  • This introduction contains 25 to 50 words and this will be in Bold.
  • The opening paragraph is similar to the newspaper summary, displayed below the title Think like this; If I’m the reader (Stress patient) will this content motivate me to read the rest.

Main Body of the Content

  • This section will have a more detailed summary of the subject which we will be writing.
  • This contains 50 to 100 words.
  • Include the list of the benefits in numbers
  • All the contents must be divided into smaller paragraphs.

Guidelines on Conclusion

  • In conclusion, the section includes 3 to 5 subheadings.
  • All the actionable tips must be summarized Include persuasive Call-To-Action buttons in the conclusion
  • Ensure that this CTA button is placed in an important location on the page and it must stand out

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