Website Content Updates Workflow

Step 1) Identify the Content or Get URL of the Page to Update

  • Find the articles getting the most traffic in Google
  • Find articles ranking low
  • Find well-written content that isn’t targeting keywords 

Step 2) Document Your Starting Position

  • Create a simple Google spreadsheet to document things like starting rank in Google, organic page views, current word-count, keyword search volume and more.

Step 3) Get or Find some Additional Keywords

  • You can also use tools like Google keyword planner, Uber Suggest and Answer The Public for free to get additional keyword suggestions.
  • Use LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords from Google search

Step 4) Make Your Content Lengthy (Word Count)

  • Add more words to the page’s content
  • Adding depth to content helps ranks better in the first place.
  • Give people what they really want (better content) Google is smart enough to rank that content higher.

Step 5) Improve On-page SEO

  • Target the right type of keywords
  • Add images, videos or podcasts (get it from the graphic designer)
  • Add additional internal links

Step 6) Fresh Publish Date on WP CMS Platform

  • Google tends to give a boost to newer content.  So, by updating the publish date when you’ve actually updated your content can help improve your rankings.



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