Video marketing Workflow

Video marketing

Task- 1 Steal Keywords from Popular Videos

Search for the most popular videos in your market and then copy the tags they have listed.

Task-2 Choose the Best Thumbnail Image

  • Go to My Account > My Videos > Edit

       Select the thumbnail that will get you the most attention

  • Customize Your Channel

Before uploading your videos, customize your channel (profile) and make it look nice. Include some info about you and a link to your site.

  • Add Your URL to the Description

Add the “http://” version of your URL to the beginning of your video description so people can click on your link and visit your site.

Task- 3 Use Multiple Calls to Action

  • Please rate this video.
  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • Find me on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to my videos.
  • Visit my blog for more great videos.
  • Embed this on your site.
  • Please post your comments.
  • Send this video to your friends.
  • Check out my channel.

Task- 4 Soft-Sell

  • You shouldn’t ask people to buy your stuff after watching your videos.


  • Watch YouTube Video
  • Go to My Blog to Watch More Videos
  • Sign Up to Get My Exclusive Videos (You Capture Email Addresses Here)
  • Try to Sell Them a Low-Ticket Item
  • Try to Sell a High-Ticket Item to Those Who Bought from You Before

Task – 5 Video Responses

  • . Look for videos related to yours and whenever it’s appropriate post your videos as video responses to them (don’t spam)
  • .This will allow you to piggyback a lot of the traffic that these videos get.

Task-6 Create Playlists

  • Add your video to a new playlist
  • Add great videos on the same topic (from other people)
  • Choose a smart name for the playlist (think about your keywords. i.e. “Dog Training Tips”)

Task-7 Promote Your Videos

  • Embed your videos in your blog.
  • Email your YouTube link to your friends and contacts.
  • Ask people you know to tell their lists and contacts.
  • Write an article about your video and post it to article directories and forums.
  • Post your video to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your other social networks.
  • ASK PEOPLE TO SHARE – When posting on social networks including “Please Retweet” or “Share this with your friends” really helps.

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