Video Content Writing Workflow

Step (1) The hot intro – HOT stands for hook, outcome, and testimonial

  • The hook is getting the viewers attention right off the bat, to make them want to stay tuned-in.
  • The outcome is telling them exactly what they are going to get out of your video by the end of watching it, again, making them want to stay tuned into the whole
  • A testimonial is giving a reason to believe you and trust you

Step (2) Asking for what you want? (Subscribe, hit bell button, etc.)

Step (3) The Meat (engaging more with powerful words)

Step (4) Middle Engagement (asking the audience to take actions like commenting)

Step (5) Outro Engagement (ask them to like your video, subscribe once more and tell them there is a new content coming up, ask them to share)

Another way of engaging – Ask the questions and include that question in the cards in your video

Step (6) Ask them out to follow you (send them to join the Facebook group, email list, website or other social media platforms)

More Steps to create content for the video slide decks:

  • Condense the main ideas of the subject and write them in compressed form.
  • For making slide decks using the content from e-book or blog posts, each subheading must be written in each slide with the contents condensed
  • Add relevant image for each slide deck
  • If a concept needs more details, provide a link for it.
  • Make sure the slide decks are arranged in such a way that it has a logical flow of contents from the introduction slide to the conclusion one.
  • Final check all the contents and proofread them thoroughly before publishing them.

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