Press Release Writing

According to the keyword, prepare a title (Minimum 55 characters). Write content for Press Release based on the keywords (minimum 500-1000 words, depends on Press Release site).

  • Headline:

A brief attention-grabbing statement summarizing the news.

  • Sub-heading (optional):

Secondary statement(s) which builds on the headline and further fleshes out the message.

  • Dateline:

The city where the news is originating and the date of the release.

  • Lead or introductory paragraph:

The first paragraph of the release answers the who, what, when, where and why questions; in other words, the facts.

  • Body:

Additional paragraphs will be the supporting material and further details (i.e., direct quotes, relevant background information, statistics, etc.) – as well as the Call to Action (e.g., Download, Learn More, Purchase).

  • Boilerplate:

Short paragraph giving information about the issuing company or organization.

  • Source:

The company or organization issuing the release.

  • Media contact information:

This will include the name, phone number and email address for the PR or media relations contact who can answer any questions about the release.

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