Creating LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Must have a personal LinkedIn profile with your true first and last name or create one
  2. Fill in company details for your LinkedIn company page
  3. Upload a logo and banner image for your LinkedIn company page
  4. Add website address and business email
  5. Write a compelling summary of your company
  6. Use relevant keywords to make your page more discoverable in search engines
  7. Create LinkedIn showcase pages for individual products
  8. Ask your employees to connect with your page.
  9. Ask for product reviews and testimonials


Connect with people

Connect with people from the same industry and connect your audience
Getting emails of the LinkedIn connections

Post Contents in Company Page

Create group

1) Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your homepage and select Groups from the drop-down.

2) Click My Groups.

3) Click the Create group button on the left side of the page.

4) Fill in the requested information. A red asterisk means it’s required.

5) Click the Create Group button to create your group.

Join the group and engage

1) Join Groups based on your interests and target audience

2) Make sure the Group has a sufficient number of members with active.

3) Provide value to the Group, actively engage and become a visible member.

4) Relevant content is key for connecting people

5) Comment on a discussion, then send personalized connection messages to others who are actively     participating

6) Don’t be ‘spammy’ or self-promoting with your connection requests.

Linkedin Report

Get a final status report on

1) Post, page engagement reach, likes, comments, friends list, shares, groups engagement etc.

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