LinkedIn Business Profile Details

Get LinkedIn Business profile creation Details from Client.

1)Get a cover photo, background photo(optional for the client)

2)Get LinkedIn basic info (Your LinkedIn username)

3)View a log of your LinkedIn activity

4)Get details of the company page

5)Update the status as per client

6)View and add photos, infographics

LinkedIn Profile Creation

1) Get Your LinkedIn username

2) Get a profile photo

3) Your bio information

4) The header image for the page.

5) Custom page profile.

LinkedIn plan and strategy

1)First, use an image that gets attention or creates interest.

2)Second, create a clear and compelling pitch in your company description.

3)Third, make your Recent Updates section clickable and conversion-focused.

4)Create a showcase page.

5)Search Groups(Look for groups with the following features: Highly relevant, active or very active, Medium size)

6)Join the group

7)Create group

8)Publish Content

Linkedin Post and Followers

1) Entrust your colleagues.

2) Tell your customers and partners.

3) Follow your competitors.

4) Add a follow button to your website, social accounts, and content.

5) Write a blog post about it.

6) Join group discussions.

7) Post regular content.

8) Like, share, and comment on others’ content.

9) Follow industry news and post on LinkedIn Pulse.

10) Strategically utilize sponsored updates.

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