LinkedIn Lead Generation

How to get Legitimate LinkedIn Connections Fast for Lead Generation?

Linkedin Account Details – 10 min

  • Getting the Linkedin premium account details from the client
  • Login with the username and password

Sales Navigator to Conduct Relevant Targeted Searches30 min

  • Finding the sales navigator box on Linkedin page
  • Filtering your search for peoples using parameters like job title, industry, keywords, geographical location, past companies, and other such criteria.
  • Preparing a list of peoples for sending connection request on sales navigator

Sending Connection Request with Message- 2 hours or more

  • Filtering the list of targeted LinkedIn members from sales navigator
  • Writing a customized connection request or get it from the Content Note: Message should be professional, short, and offering personal benefit for both.
  • Clicking each and every person and sending a connection
  • Waiting for their response

Sending Follow-up Message after Connecting- 2 hours or more

  • Listing out the person those accepted the request
  • Going through their profiles for understanding their business, jobs, personal details, etc.
  • Getting a follow-up message from the content writer (either thank you, proposals, invitations, etc)
  • Sending follow-up message to the peoples

Linked Helper Plugin to Extract the People Details using Sales Navigator2 hours

  • Installing linked helper tool from Google chrome extensions (free or paid)
  • Creating an account on linked helper plugin using your username and password same as on your Linkedin account. Remember: It will automatically sync with the Linkedin
  • Then go to your Linkedin account and select any list of members on sales navigator
  • After that select profile extractor option from linked helper tool. Note: Here you have to create a list and click on the button “collect details”
  • After collecting all the data (email, contact no, business profile, etc), download the extracted profile details in CSV file.

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