Landing Page Writing

1) Create a brief that outlines the goals of the page– 1 hour

  • Key messaging for the copywriter
  • Brand guidelines for the designer
  • Technical specs for your developer (if you’re hand-coding)
  • Research and plan your message
  • Get relevant keywords from your SEO manager

2) Write copy for your landing page– 2 hour

  • A headline or title that captures attention
  • A sub-heading that describe what’s uniquely desirable about the offering.
  • A single call-to-action
  • A hero shot
  • Body copy highlighting your features & benefits
  • Social proof (e.g. testimonials & reviews)
  • CTA button to get people to click

3) Edit for greater seduction– 1 hour

  • Check whether you’ve listed all the key benefits and whether you’ve overcome the main objections to your main call to action.
  • Make your claims more specific to increase credibility.
  • Replace jargon with everyday words. Remember your research phase? Use the same words your customers use.
  • Shorten your sentences to make your text more readable. Don’t worry about starting a sentence with And or But.
  • Tighten your text. Words like actually and really are unnecessary.
  • Do Grammarly, plagiarism, and keyword stuffing
  • Read your copy out loud. Re-write the parts where you stumble over your words or where you sound sleazy.

4) Send it to your CEO or team leader for approval– 1 hour

  • Send the landing page content to the CEO or team lead before testing or publishing for review and approval.
  • Make any changes that are suggested by him/her.

5) Test & publish your landing page copy– 30 min

  • Do your headline and subhead join the conversation already going on in your reader’s mind?
  • Does your call to action spell out the logical next step for your visitors?
  • Have you given visitors enough information to take action?
  • Have you overcome the right objections that prevent people from taking action?
  • Have you instilled enough confidence to take action?

6)Landing page split testing – 10 min

  • Send it to your designer to create a mock-up and publish it
  • Work with graphic design for any content modifications



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