Instagram Business Profile Details

1) Get Instagram Business profile creation Details from Client.

2) Regarding profile information like your name, username, website,
    bio or private information email.

3) Get profile photo and background photo from the client(optional)

Instagram Profile Creation

1)Go to your profile by tapping

2)Tap Edit Profile

3)Type in your new name, username, website, bio or private information email, then tap Done or Save in the top right

Instagram plan and strategy

1.Optimize Your Bio & Link

2. Increase brand awareness.

3. Demonstrate company culture.

4.Develop a Content Strategy

5. Set a Content Calendar, But Be Flexible

6.Develop captions, hashtags, Image to post, tag people

7. Consider Curate User-Generated Content

8. Increase customer engagement and loyalty.

9. Managing Comments, @Mentions & Direct Messages

10. Showcase products and services.

11. Incentivize consumer engagement with your brand.

12. Share company news.

13. Grow your community.

14. Connect with influencers.

Instagram Post

1. Show Your Products

2. Show How It’s  Made

3. Show What Your Products Can Do

4. Show Your Office
5. Instagram  Contest Photos

6. Managing Comments,  @Mentions & Direct Messages

7. Develop captions, hashtags.

8. Work on Promoting on Instagram following, commenting, getting likes, and finding new friends.

9. Quotes and tips related to client industry.

10. Ask Questions regarding the client industry questions.

Instagram followers

1) Create a clear Instagram strategy
   i.Research your competitors
  ii. Decide what story you’re going to tell
  iii.Set goals(brand awareness, driving traffic to your website)

2)  Gain more Instagram followers by making your Instagram account more visible
   i. Follow people and like or comment on their photos
  ii. Use relevant hashtags
 iii. Embed your Instagram photos in your blog posts.

3) Create good Instagram content to grow your Instagram following
    i. Find the best time to post
    ii. Post consistently
    iii.Use hashtags or create your own hashtags
4) Get more Instagram followers through contests and campaigns

5) Help others build their community

6) Consider Instagram advertising to gain more followers

Create groups

1) Tap in the top right of Feed.

2) Tap in the top right.

3) Tap Send Photo or Video or Send Message.

4) Enter a message or add optional effects, filters and a caption to your photo or video.

5) Tap Send.

Instagram Report

Get a final status report on
1) Post reach, page engagement reach, likes, comments,
   shares, groups engagement etc

2) Analyze reach, results of the Instagram page.

3) Make a report on the Instagram data.

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