Google Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing Ads

Analyzing the Goal of Remarketing Campaign – 1 hour

  • Listing out the pages that should contain your remarketing tags.
  • Choosing a network (search, display, etc) to reach your target audience
  • Creating ads tailored to your target audience.
  • Creating custom pages for the audiences that you’re remarketing to.
  • Target website visitors that did not take action while they are on a page or who abandoned the shopping cart
  • Preparing a sales funnel or an strategy to implement in excel sheet
  • Share with your manager for getting approval

Setup Remarketing Tag – 1 hour

  • Sign in to your “Google ads” account
  • Click on the “tools” icon
  • Click “audience manager” under the “shared library”
  • Click “Audience sources” where you will see Google search partners
  • Click on “setup tag” & choose the “type of information” the tag will collect for you
  • Click save and continue
  • Install the tag on your website by doing it yourself, use tag manager or email it to your webmaster. Note: You need to add the tag on every page of your website.
  • Click “continue” and click “done”.

Setup Remarketing List – 1 hour

  • Login in to your “Google ads” account
  • Click the “tools” menu
  • Under the “shared library“ click “Audience Manager”
  • Click the + icon and select the remarketing list you want to use i.e. website visitors, App users, YouTube users, Customer list, Customer combination.
  • Click on “Website visitors“.
  • Give your audience list a name
  • Select the type of visitors from the list of options
  • Add any rules you want for a specific page
  • Click on create audience
  • You can also select and modify any changes in remarketing list according to site or for creating new rules for site

Setup Remarketing Campaign – 2 hour

  • Go to Google Adwords dashboard & click on campaigns
  • Click + new campaign and choose and choose the goal
  • Select the campaign type from the network and click continue
  • Fill in the details with name, location, language, bidding, and the budget. And click on continue
  • Select the “remarketing list” you created in the beginning under Audiences Browse
  • When done click on “create campaigns” and create ads to launch your campaign.
  • Analyze the results from remarketing campaign ad performance and optimize it accordingly
  • Make a report every week/month with clear details in an excel sheet and share

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