Google Adwords Campaign Setup

Google Adwords Campaign Setup

Review & Analyze the Ad Requirements – 1 hour

  • Review the ad guidelines and policies
  • Know your target audiences and market
  • List out your offerings or selling features for your customers
  • List the things that your potential customers are searching for your offer, product or service. Note: keywords based searching
  • Point out your campaign objectives i.e. website traffic, sales, leads, etc
  • Write your ad copies, list out a number of results-oriented Call-to-Actions(CTA’s), keywords, well-designed landing page, etc
  • Check out what your competition is doing with Google ads, or other advertising strategies too.
  • Plan out your Google Ad budget, before you dive right in.
  • Plan out your ad campaign duration
  • Track and measure your campaign metrics.
  • Prepare a action plan or a sales funnel before running ads
  • Share with your manager and get approval

Keyword Research – 2 hours

  • Go to keyword planner from tools and click on discover new keywords
  • Type the website or webpage URL in landing page section
  • Select location like country, city depending upon website promotion. eg: use
  • Keywords research should be low, medium competition with optimal bidding value.
  • Keywords should be quality and relevance. Use broad match, exact match type keywords
  • Filter the keywords either high, low or medium according to your needs
  • Analyze the competitor's ads to get an idea for basic keywords.
  • Finalize the list of keywords and update in a sheet

Setup a Campaign – 2 hours

  • Search Google adwords website from Google
  • Check for free credit by entering your email ID
  • Go to adwords account and click on start now
  • Sign-in to with your Gmail id
  • Choose your advertising goal or switch to “experience with Google ads” below
  • Choose the type of goal (sales, leads, website traffic, etc)
  • Select any campaign type from search, display, app, etc
  • Select the ways to reach the goal
  • Enter the URL below you want to target and click continue
  • Enter your campaign name, networks (recommended – uncheck the box)
  • Select the locations to target (may be country, state, county, area, radius, etc)
  • Choose the language
  • Select the audiences to broaden your search
  • Enter the budget you want to spend each day with standard option recommended
  • Choose the bidding type (clicks, conversions) or you can choose automated bid strategies. Note: Review the budget & bidding strategy before making decisions
  • Go to advanced settings to modify some of the options accordingly like ad scheduling, extensions,etc
  • Click save and continue

Setup an Ad Group – 1 hour

  • Go to all Campaigns on Google adwords dashboard
  • Under All campaigns, choose the name of the campaign that you’d like to create an ad group.
  • Click the Ad groups tab.
  • Create ad groups with a name and set of targeted keywords.
  • Use broad match, phrase match and exact match keywords
  • Get keyword ideas by entering website URL on right hand side
  • Click on save & continue

Create Ads – 1 hour

  • Choose the campaign and select an ad group from the dashboard
  • Create ads with a website URL to target, headlines (30 chars), path URL, descriptions (90 chars). Click save and continue
  • Choose the extensions you want to add
  • Create multiple ads for a particular ad group
  • Preview the ads on mobile and desktop on right hand side
  • Review the ad guidelines and also the ad group & keywords before running ads
  • Setup billing information with your card details. Use coupon code from Google free credit

Link Google Analytics – 30 min

  • You must have Google analytics setup (tracking code) on your website
  • Sign-in to your Google Analytics account, go to the Admin screen and click on the ‘Google Ads Linking’ URL. 
  • Click on link accounts button
  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • Click the tools & settings menu, and under “Setup”, click Linked accounts.
  • Under & Google Analytics," click Details.

  • Click link to link to your Google Ads manager account. Make sure the link is completely set-up and Auto-Tagging is enabled.

Setup Conversion Tracking – 30 min

  • Create Goals in Google Analytics or Enable Ecommerce reporting in Google Analytics.
  • Sign-in to Google Ads account and click “conversions” under tool & settings
  • Click on the plus-sign from the main Conversions screen in Google Ads
  • Select the kind of conversions you want to create from website, app, phone calls.Note- if you choose website, then you have to create a conversion action for your
  • website or import from Google Analytics
    Select Google Analytics from the list and click on continue
  • Choose the conversions you want to import (the goals that you have created on Google analytics can be imported)
  • Click import and continue

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