Facebook Remarketing Workflow

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing Workflow

Analyze the Ad requirement

  • Analyze the requirement of remarketing ad to be created and identify the objective of the campaign

          Note: For retargeting you should only use custom audience

  • Choose an objective campaign types to do ad (Page Post Engagement, Page Likes, Click to Website, Website Conversions, App Installs, App Engagement, Event Responses, Offer Claims, Video Views, Local Awareness)

Steps to Analyze the Facebook Remarketing Ad Requirements

  1. Know what type of ad campaign to be created like increase post reach, clicks on website, more likes, sales etc.
  2. Identify the target location like country, cities or Zip codes.
  3. Analyze what Ad to be created including title, description, link, image etc.
  4. Analyze the daily budget and bid value.
  5. How many days to run the ad?

Keyword Research

Keyword research/target audience

  1. Tracking popular and trending topics on Twitter and other social networks
  2. Gauging market interest for products or services
  3. Identifying demand for keywords regarding particular industry.
  4. Better understanding user intent keywords
  5. Discovering relevant points of engagement

Remarketing Campaign

Steps for Remarketing Campaign

  1.  Create custom audience –With Custom Audiences from your website, you can remarket to people who have already visited your website.
  2.  Build an audience from the people who visit your website (minimum 100 visitors to site)
  3.  Create an advert for your Website Custom Audience
  • Log into your client or company Facebook account.
  • Click on setting and create an ad

Create Pixel

  1.  Go to your Facebook Pixel tab in Ads Manager.
  2.  Click Create a Pixel.
  3.  Enter a name for your pixel. You can have only one pixel per ad account, so choose a name that represents your business.
  4.  Check the box to accept the terms.
  5.  Click Create Pixel. Install Header and footer plugin on wordpress

Event code

  1.  Go to your Facebook Pixel tab in Ads Manager.
  2.  Click Create Conversion > Track Conversions with Standard Events.
  3.  Copy the Event Code of the events that matter to you.
  4.  Go to your website’s code and place the event code on the relevant pages.

Note: We recommend doing this by adding the event code between script tags separately. We recommend not modifying the pixel base code.

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