Facebook business page creation

  1. To set up a Facebook page for business, you’ll need to log into your Facebook profile and click the Home button next to your name. Next, click on the Pages tab in the Explore section of the left-hand sidebar of your profile home page.
  2.  Next, choose a page type for your new business page.
  3.  Fill out the name of your new page along with any other requested information fields, click Get Started,   and you’ll be taken to your new page!

Setup business page

1. Design and Add a Profile Picture to Your Facebook Page
2. Create and Add a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Page
3. Add a Call-to-Action Button to Your Facebook Page
4. Write and Add a Description to Your Facebook Page
5. Create a Custom Username for Your Facebook Page
6. Adjust Important Privacy and Security Settings

Post contents on page

  1. Brands that publish informative content on a regular basis have a higher chance of increasing their number of loyal followers. People love reading new information, and the more information you share, the more engagement you will get on your Facebook page.
  2. Facebook Groups and Communities
  3. Join business related groups and regularly post informative contents.
  4. Create a group to reward your customers & make them feel special

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