Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Prepare an Action Plan – 1 hour

  • Analyze and review the Facebook marketing guidelines
  • Understand your business offering and USP’s, target customers and results from any other marketing channels
  • Review the website landing page, Facebook business page as well as Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics.
  • Research your competitors advertising efforts on Facebook, and notable strategies in Google.
  • Review your Facebook advertising account to identify all the quick win opportunities and also provide a longer term plan for ongoing growth.
  • Use Facebook Audience Insights and the Google Display Planner to understand more about your website users such as demographics, interests and websites visited.
  • Plan and configure the Facebook campaigns with geographical targeting, custom ad scheduling and bidding strategy that best fit your business and advertising goals.
  • Check some more factors and create an action plan or roadmap that will get you better outcomes
  • Share with your manager and get approval

Installing Facebook Pixel on Website – 30 min

  • Go to your Facebook Ads Manager.
  • On Measure & Report click on Pixels under “Events Manager”
  • Click on partner integrations to setup pixel and events by connecting partner accounts.Note: Click on any partner account and proceed step by step to setup pixel
  • Or click on “Data Sources” and from the “Setup” dropdown click on Install Pixel
  • You can setup pixel by connecting to partner platform, manually install or ask your developer to do that on your website
  • Click on manually install the code and copy the code
  • Open Google Tag Manager or if you don’t have create a new one
  • Click on add new tag, name the tag and click the Tag Configuration on the page Choose “Custom HTML”, copy & paste the Facebook pixel code and choose the trigger as all pages
  • For setting-up conversion tracking click on Create Custom Conversions under Data Sources
  • Choose the ad account, add rules, name, category, value and click create.

Note: Go to custom conversions to see all the conversion setup (up to 100)

Setup a Facebook Campaign – 1 hour

  • Go to your Facebook business manager account or create a new one by creating or adding pages, ad accounts and all details
  • Go to your Ad accounts and click on create button
  • Choose your marketing objective from the list of options according to your requirements
  • Give campaign name, choose “campaign budget optimisation”
  • Under campaign budget choose daily budget or life-time budget.
  • Choose from the different campaign bid strategy for your campaign, and choose how you want to schedule your ads
  • Delivery type is default “Standard”. Click on continue

Create Facebook Ad Set – 2 hour

  • Select a campaign you want to create ad set or create a campaign. Note: A campaign can have multiple ad sets
  • Give ad set name
  • Select a Facebook page that you want to promote or create a new page
  • Choose “Dynamic Creative”. Note: Facebook serves the best variations of advertisements that you upload
  • Go to Audience and choose from “Create New Audience” or “Use Saved Audience”
  • Under “Custom Audiences” choose or create custom audience or lookalike audience.
  • Click on Custom Audiences and choose from the sources or Facebook sources,name your custom audience and click continue & done
  • Choose to created audience to Include or Exclude
  • Select the locations you want to target from the options, include or exclude the areas, even use the drop pin to target a specific radius from 1 to 50 miles. Note: You can search specific locations or browse to add the country, regions or saved locations you want to target
  • Choose the age, gender and languages for targeting
  • Choose “Detailed Targeting” as default or you can browse from demographics, interests, and behaviors to expand your targeting. Note: Suggestions pull out some data if you already have little bit of data with Facebook
  • From the Connections, choose any connection type from options and add a page. Click on “Save this Audience”
  • Choose the Placements from “Automatic” or “Edit Placements” and select the multiple placements options where you can show the ad
  • On budget & schedule, choose the optimisation for ad delivery, cost control (lower cost) and ad schedule (reset your start date to today)
  • Input your ad spending limits (minimum / maximum) for a particular ad set
  • Click on continue

Setup Facebook Ad – 1 hour

  • Select the campaign and ad set you want to create Facebook ad
  • Use a Facebook Advertisement name
  • Choose from the Facebook page to create Ad and also you can choose Instagram page if there
  • Under Format, If dynamic creative is enabled. Note: Here multiple ads will be automatically generated using your individual creative assets.
  • Add some more images under Media or get it from Graphic designer (check the image size requirements)
  • Add headline, description and a CTA button for your ad. Create multiple ad copies under an ad. Create form by clicking on “New Form”, Add the content from the options and configure it
  • Under Tracking make sure the Facebook pixel is setup on your website or Google tag manager for conversion tracking
  • You can choose manage offline events from Facebook or you can build URL parameter, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwrJgDL5JYE
  • Launch you campaign.

Test and Track Your Campaigns – 1 hour

  • Choose any campaign & Ad set and click on duplicate to create multiple ad set copies with different targeting audience.
  • Track multiple conversions and create different custom conversions to see what’s working better
  • Utilize different bidding strategies
  • Create audience segments based on behaviors
  • Monitor Ad frequency to manage exposure
  • Choose from different types of placements, devices, and platforms.
  • Careful ad scheduling can help you optimize your campaigns
  • Check every important metrics like reach, delivery, engagement, cost, etc and optimize it accordingly
  • Prepare a report on excel sheet of each and every details and share with your manager

Facebook Retargeting Ads – 2 hours

  • Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager
  • Install the Facebook pixel on your website if not installed. Note: Check Facebook marketing workflow as to how to setup pixel
  • Go to Audiences, click on create audience and choose “Custom Audience”
  • Choose from the list “how you want to create this audience” by uploading customer file, website traffic, app activity, etc
  • Select the pixel, choose the action of visitors from the list & no of days, and audience name
  • ow go to Ads Manager and create a campaign
  • Click on Create or click on “switch to guided creation” for better options
  • Under Ad set, create conversions and under audiences choose retargeting audiences you created
  • Setup your ads and continue
  • For more details visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGV611S26_w

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