Complete WordPress Website

How to Install WordPress Completely? step by step Guide for Complete Installation

Get Your WordPress Software Up and Running in few minutes

  • Expertise Level – Anyone
  • Approximate Time – 1 hr minimum
  • Prerequisites (access credentials of cPanel needed before work starts.)

1) One-click install WordPress from the cPanel

  • Log into WHM using your root login credentials.

wordpress installation workflow image

  • Click on Install WordPress

wordpress installation

  • Finally software setup and others

wordpress final setup

2) Theme Selection

  • Select the right WordPress theme for your website

wordpress theme installation

3) Recommended Plugin Installation

  • Manual WordPress plugin installation done by uploading by FTP or uploading directly to WordPress by Zip archive.

wordpress plugin installation

4) Dummy Data Import

  • Manually create dummy data for posts, users or categories.

wordpress dummy data report

5) Browser Compatibility Check

wp browser compatibility check

6) Theme Setup & Configuration

  • Choose the theme and others to make your site viewable across devices.

wordpress theme configuration

  • Theme layouts to assign theme layout components to individual pages

wordpress theme layouts

7) Logo Update & Color Combination

  • Click the Add Logo button to open the Media Manager.

wordpress logo update

  • Upload a new image, or select one that’s already in your Media Library. Click Set as logo.

wordpress logo update

  • Choose a perfect color scheme for your WordPress site

wordpress color combination

  • Create individual color schemes for your WordPress website

wordpress color settings

8) Page Navigation & Menu Setup

  • Setup page navigation in WordPress

wordpress page navigation setup

9) Slider Setting

  • Setup image slider on home page

wordpress slider setting

  •  Use the slider revolution to add a slider to your wordpress website

wordpress slider revolution

10) Content Updation

  • Add or update content on a WordPress website

content management

  • Update the require page settings and update the contents

wordpress content management

11) Speed Optimization & Mobile Testing

  • GTmetrix a free to use tool that analyzes your page’s speed performance.


website speed optimization

  • Perform a mobile website speed test for improving website performance across all devices.

mobile testing

And that’s it! Now WordPress should be installed on your web server, and you are ready to begin building your new website.

To access the WordPress Administration Panel and begin managing your site’s content, simply type “/wp-admin” at the end of your website’s URL to pull up the login screen. Enter the Admin username and password you chose earlier, and then click the Log In button.

We hope this has been helpful in showing you how to install & setup WordPress on your own web server.

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