Bing Ads Campaign Setup

Bing Ads Campaign Setup

Creating a Bing Ads Account – 2 hours

  • Check for free ad credits provided by Microsoft.
  • Go to, click sign-up for a new account or sign in if already have an account.
  • Provide all the details with your business name, country, phone number, etc
  • Click on Submit
  • Recommended – import from Google Adwords for campaign setup (import multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, extensions, etc)
  • Enter billing information details
  • Go to campaigns and click on conversion tracking on the left hand side
  • Create UET tag page with the tag name & description.
  • Copy the UET conversion tracking code and paste it on your website headers (ask your developer to do it) OR you can copy the UET id and open Google tag manager to create a new tag.
  • Check if UET tag is setup correctly or not by installing UET tag helper extension from chrome store or on Microsoft Advertising dashboard to see the tag active.
  • Go to campaigns and setup conversion goals by clicking on “create conversion goals”
  • Enter the name of conversion goal and choose the type of conversion
  • Enter the goal details (as per your requirement). You can create multiple conversions

Setup a New Bing Ads Campaign, Ad groups & Ads – 4 hours

  • Go to campaigns on the Microsoft Ads dashboard
  • Choose a particular goal for the campaign
  • Provide campaign name, budget (per day), location, language, etc
  • Click next and go to ad groups & keywords
  • Create multiple ad groups with set of keywords (get keyword ideas by typing website URL, products / services or use Google keyword planner or Uber suggest to search for keywords)
  • Choose the keywords and paste it on the enter keyword section. Use broad match, phrase match keywords for better results
  • Go to next step to create ads (at least 2 ads are recommended)
  • Click on create ad and enter the final URL (landing page), titles (30 chars), paths, ad texts (90 chars), setup a new mobile URL (optional)
  • Click on save or save and create another ad.
  • Setup various extensions according to your landing page for better results (site link, price, callout, location, review, etc)
  • Set your campaign budget (per day), bid strategy (recommended enhanced CPC) and set ad group bid according to keyword bidding
  • Go to advanced campaign settings to modify the location, ad schedule, and others according to your requirements
  • Check thoroughly the ads & ad groups, keywords, etc
  • Click on save and launch your campaign
  • Optimize the campaign after running for few days to get better results

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