AWS Automation Backup Workflow

AWS Automation Backup

  1. AWS Account Setup

  2. Register with Aws new Account

  3. Login with new credentials

  4. Login to WHM or cpannel

  5. Configure backup in WHM or cpannel

  6. Give the destination type and create new destination in backup configuration

  7. Create bucket with same name in AWS

  8. In set permisions select all manage users, Manage Group permisions, Manage system permisions

  9. Give the folder name, bucketname, Accesskey ID, Secret Accesskey ID

  10. In WHM create new user check the access key checkbox

  11. Under user group the Accessket id, secreat access key id, copyfrom here and past in WHM

  12. Go to policy in AWS

  13. Enter S3bucket in polick search box, it will show select the Amazonfors3Access

  14. In Amazonfors3access select Attached entities, clcik on Attach, attach the user what you created

  15. Save all give details configure backup in WHM