Microblog Posts Workflow

What is a microblog?

Microblogs allow users to exchange/update the small elements of content that may be short sentences, individual images, or video links”, for their popularity.  Our bloggers and expert writers will take a look at your blog, website, and industry to come up with 50 micro blog posts.

How to write a microblog?

Step 1) Choose the best blogging platform on the web

Step 2) Create a new account

Step 3) Consider keywords when putting together blogging content

Step 4) Keep it short, remember Microblogging posts should be around 200 words

Step 5) Micro posts should be relevant to your area of expertise

Step 6) Use hashtags (#) in front of keywords that sum-up what your post is about

Step 7) Try to post content to your Microblogs every day, consistency is key

Step 8) When choosing a username, make it a meaningful account name

Step 9) Click on publish

Step 10) Stay on track with your micro posts

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