Article Writing Workflow

Contents needed from Content writer. Note: when you need content get similar content from the same Article content format.

  • Based upon keyword get content for title around 55 characters or use Article page title.
  • Get Content for Article Submission around 500-1000 words depends upon on Article guidelines.
  • Have at least 1 or 2 images for the Article.
  • Have good punch lines and sub headings for the sequence of big content.
  • Get content for conclusion for the story around 50-60 words or less”

Article Submission content preparation guideline:

  • According to keyword get title (Minimum 55 characters)
  • Get Content For Article based on keyword(minimum 500-1000 words, depends on Article site)
  • Keep the site URL to be posted.
  • Keep social media links (optional)
  • Have an email ready.
  • For Article Submission you can use only Home page (www.example.com) or sub page depending on site acceptance.

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